Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Don't Send Me Your Résumé!"

What do you mean, "Don't Send Me Your Résumé!"

Then what do you expect me to do?

Don't let the title fool you! All it means is that you need to do some creative "outside-the-box-thinking".

Use every possible means for marketing yourself vigorously. We are talking about visibility and credibility. Sell yourself as a problem solver. For example:

- Networking and word-of-mouth
- Direct marketing letters
- Professional industry publications
- The Internet and a personalized web site or blog
- Writing articles
- Giving speeches
- Taking an active part in professional organizations
- Attending job fairs and trade shows

(For additional details, see Chapter 15 in Don Sutaria's highly-acclaimed book, 'Career And Life Counseling From The Heart'.)