Friday, July 27, 2012

Personal Marketing Letters

Do Personal Marketing Letters Work?

Do you want to be distinctive and stand out from the rest of the herd?

The answer to both these questions is an unequivocal 'yes'!

The person who advertised an open position has probably received hundreds of resumes and cover letters. That person is bleary eyed just looking at them. Now up pops a one-page, personalized letter, addressed to him/her by name. Intrigued, because this sender thought outside the box, the hiring person reads on.

This one-page letter is in a Problem-Action-Result format and highlights at least two major experiences which this hiring person is looking for. This is flattering to the, someone really read the advertisement before replying to it! A 'you' orientation has been used instead of the typical 'me' orientation.

The hiring manager will give you a call because of your uniqueness. Now the rest is up to you.

(For additional details, see Chapter 14 in Don Sutaria's highly-acclaimed book, 'Career and Life Counseling From The Heart'.)

Friday, July 06, 2012

How Can I Start a New Job on the Right Foot?

How Can I Start a New Job on the Right Foot?

One of the trick questions asked during job interviews is: "What would you do immediately after joining us?"

Beware! The interviewer wants to see if you are a bull in a china shop or a true professional who will be a team player and make appropriate contributions after studying the situation. No one likes a know-it-all or a ninety-day wonder.

You need to:

1. Understand the Nature of the World of Work.
2. Analyze and Utilize Your Company's Formal and Informal Communications Networks.
3. Develop Your Own Survival Techniques.

If not, you will be in-and-out of the revolving door within six months!

(For a complete treatise on this topic, read Chapter 13: How Can I Start a New Job on the Right Foot? in the classic career book, Career and Life Counseling From The Heart by Don Sutaria. Good Luck!)